Summer Hair Survival Guide

Summertiiiime and the living is easy!  Unfortunately, all that easy living can be hard on your hair.  Sun, travel, pool, and surf can all wreak havoc on unprotected strands.  Here are a few tips to help you survive (and even thrive) in style:

  • Cover Up
    A simple, but highly effective solution.  Swim caps, hats, scarves, wigs, and wraps (like the Original Moxie Hair Wrap or Versatowel)  all provide complete protection from sun, wind, humidity and wayward twigs.  Bonus:  they let you switch up your look in seconds!
    PRO’s:  100% effective, adaptable, accessible to all hair types.
    CON’s: Potentially hot and sweaty.  May stretch, flatten or otherwise alter your hair style.
  • Hydrate
    Just like your body, your hair loses water at a higher rate in hot, dry weather.  Make sure you keep it hydrated with plenty of deep conditioning and leave-ins that effectively boost your hair’s moisture content.  Intense Quench Deep Conditioner and Oasis Moisture Gel are our stand out favorites in both categories.
    PRO’s:  Helps build overall hair health.
    CON’s: Takes consistency and patience.  Results build over time.
  • Protect
    Take advantage of protective products to seal prevent moisture loss and damage from harmful chemicals such as chlorine (we’ll cover swimming in more detail in a future post).  Our two all-time faves are Happy Endings Shine & Repair Serum and Emollience Pre-treatment, both of which create a protective barrier that seals in moisture and shields against damage.
    PRO’s:  Won’t mess up your ‘do’ and adds shine and luster to the hair.
    CON’s: Isn’t 100% foolproof as a stand-alone.  Works best in combination with other protective measures.
  • Detox
    Despite our best efforts, bad things often happen to good hair.  This is especially true when traveling.  Hard water is a common pitfall that’s difficult to avoid, unless you can completely abstain from washing your hair during travel.  If you notice your hair falling flat or feeling rough after a trip, a detox may be in order.  Our exclusive Moisture and Damage Detoxes remove minerals and re-moisturize parched hair in a single treatment.  Both are available exclusively at the Original Moxie Salon.
    PRO’s:  Dramatically improves the health of the hair and enhances the effectiveness of your regular products.  (Translation:  your hair looks better with less product. Win/Win!).
    CON’s:  Needs to be done by a professional and, unlike protective products,  can’t travel with you wherever you go.  

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