Our Story

Discover hair care that’s as original as you are! From our unique botanical formulations to our diagnostic hair care system, individuality is in our DNA.

What We Do

What nature creates, we perfect with comprehensive, diagnostic hair care. Our full line of products (each one personally formulated by our Founder Rachel) includes ShampoosConditionersMoisturizersDefinersSealers, and Treatments.

At our Flagship Store & full-service Salon, we offer in-depth haircare consultations, product and styling demos, professional treatments, and texture-positive cutting. We also provide Professional Education for stylists who share our passion for healthy hair, natural ingredients, and beautiful, precision cuts.

Rachel Blistein – Founder & CEO

How We Do It

At Original Moxie®, we believe that it’s all good hair™! Our mission is to reveal and celebrate everything that makes your hair wonderfully and singularly yours. Understanding your Hair Type Personality™ empowers us to prescribe a hair care regimen that fits your specific needs, builds health and helps your hair to flourish.

Why We Do It

Our business is personal. It started with our Founder Rachel’s quest to understand and heal her dry, damaged curls. Over the course of ten years, she personally formulated a full line of natural hair care products and embarked upon a systematic study that included of over 1,000 heads of hair. (Yes, she is a tiny bit obsessed!). Eventually, she was able to identify patterns that linked hair type to product preference. These hair type ‘signatures’ became the basis for our Full Spectrum System™, a professional guide to moisture balancing and hair health.

What Makes Us Original

Further observing the need for cutting methods that addressed the unique needs of specific hair types, she collaborated with a talented team of like-minded stylists to create the Moxie Method™, a cutting approach that incorporates a 3-dimensional understanding of the hair and prioritizes health, textural integrity, and functionality above all else.

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