Damage-Free Detangling

(Spoiler Alert: It’s a Mindset, not a Method) Whether your hair is curly or straight, tangles are just a part of life. Removing them can sometimes feel like a scene from Mission Impossible! We’re here to tell you that if you do it right, it shouldn’t feel that intense, difficult, or, well, impossible. If allContinue reading “Damage-Free Detangling”

How To Combat Scalp Itch

Regardless of your age, skin sensitivity, or hair type, an itchy scalp can strike for a variety of reasons. Knowing how to identify the cause and treat the symptoms is essential for prevention and early intervention. When encountering any new or severe skin condition use common sense and seek medical advice if symptoms persist orContinue reading “How To Combat Scalp Itch”

Scrunch Out The Crunch

What Is Scrunching Out The Crunch? It’s breaking the crunchy cast left behind by gel, leaving you with soft, touchable curls! Option 1: The Versatowel The luxuriously thick Organic Cotton fabric of this texture friendly towel removes excess moisture and product from the hair, minimizes frizz, and allows you to dry your hair without disruptingContinue reading “Scrunch Out The Crunch”

Swimming While Black – Water Sports & Natural Hair

Curly hair presents very real challenges to swimmers. Aside from damage and dryness caused by exposure to chlorine, there’s the time it takes to wash, condition, and style thick, tight textures.   When you consider the decades of segregation and racism that have historically prevented people of color from accessing municipal swimming spots, it’s no wonderContinue reading “Swimming While Black – Water Sports & Natural Hair”


Amid the natural hair movement, more and more people are headed to work and school in their natural styles. Embracing one’s natural texture is a beautiful thing; For people of color, however, this comes at a price. Whether you wear braids or locs, Black hair is being heavily policed in these environments.  If you haven’tContinue reading “The CROWN Act”

Curly Hair Gift Guide

This holiday season, give the gift of happy hair! As anyone with textured hair will tell, you, unlocking your hair’s potential can be truly life changing.  These fail-safe gift ideas fit every budget and will make you look like a rock star for making someone’s curly dreams come true. Gift Cards  Perfect for that specialContinue reading “Curly Hair Gift Guide”

Damage Detox Before and After

Detox This!

Does your hair have issues? If your waves are falling flat or your curls are confused, it may be time to seek professional help. Join us tonight, Wednesday, May 30th at 6:30 EST, for some intensive hair therapy as we demonstrate an Original Moxie Detox on our model, explain our three unique detox methods, andContinue reading “Detox This!”

I’m an Original – Iris

The creative process is all about transformation and,  at its best,  revealing hidden truths.  This month’s subject for the I’m a Original Project uniquely embodies the spirit  of both creativity and change.  Iris,  a young transgender woman,  worked with our team to bring to life her personal avatar, Ashilynn, whom she had created over manyContinue reading “I’m an Original – Iris”


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