How to Humidity-Proof Your Hair!

Moisture and hydration are good things for your hair, right? Unfortunately, the answer is that it depends. When it comes to product, getting the RIGHT moisturizer in your hair makes all the difference.

That’s true for any hair type in any climate. But when it comes to the water that enters your hair from the environment, your hair type and product choices can make all the difference between a curl that pops and one that flops. Follow these simple steps to keep your hair healthy and defined in all kinds of weather:

1) Assess your hair type.

That’s right folks. Stop and do not pass go until you know the following about your hair:

1) Curl Pattern (the tightness of your curl); and

2) Texture (the size of your individual hair strands).

Not sure? Take our Hair Type Quiz to find out in less than a minute.

2) Assess your climate.

Is your home base humid or dry (we won’t get into dew points here as it can get very confusing, very quickly)? Keep in mind that humidity can change daily, but mainly follows seasonal shifts. For those of us in North America, winter is usually dryer and summer is more humid.

3) Assess your styling preferences.

Do you prefer more volume and lift? Less concerned about frizz? If so, humidity may be your best friend since extra water that enters the cuticle will swell the hair shaft and add volume to the hair.

Once you know your hair type, styling preferences, and climate, it’s a snap to find products that give you predictable results that last!

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