Scrunch Out The Crunch

What Is Scrunching Out The Crunch?

It’s breaking the crunchy cast left behind by gel, leaving you with soft, touchable curls!

Option 1: The Versatowel

The luxuriously thick Organic Cotton fabric of this texture friendly towel removes excess moisture and product from the hair, minimizes frizz, and allows you to dry your hair without disrupting your curl pattern. Simply, cup your curls with your hands and the Versatowel and scrunch upward towards the scalp. Pulse your hands at the scalp and then gently release the curls.

Option 2: Add Product and Scrunch

Grab a sealant of your choice! Dispense and emulsify the product into your palms. Kyanna is using Mane Tame, a super-concentrated frizz control and shine serum.

Apply your sealant with praying hands. Gently cup curls with your hands and scrunch towards the scalp. Pulse your hands a few times at the top and then release.

Option 3: Volumize

Apply a volumizing product at roots and diffuse into hair. Use a pick to create your desired amount of volume. Kyanna is using Sweet Poof, a sea salt spray. Irish Moss volumizes while natural humectants and proteins plump and strengthen individual strands.  It’s the perfect product for creating beach waves, dramatic runway textures, or just adding hold and lift to your everyday style. 

And there you have it – soft, volumized, touchable curls!

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