Curly Hair Gift Guide

This holiday season, give the gift of happy hair! As anyone with textured hair will tell, you, unlocking your hair’s potential can be truly life changing.  These fail-safe gift ideas fit every budget and will make you look like a rock star for making someone’s curly dreams come true.

Gift Cards 
Perfect for that special someone for whom it’s challenging to shop.   Also a great ‘experience’ gift, as anyone will tell you whose visited the Original Moxie Salon.  Our gift cards can be purchased in-store for  products or services or online (as an e-card) for products only.  We recommend a $75 price point for services, as this includes our ever-popular Damage and Moisture Detoxes.  A $45 is just fine for a Short Cut (straight to wavy hair above the shoulder) or a Little Sprout Tutorial.  A Product Tutorial can be purchased for $25 and makes the perfect gift for those new to (or just struggling with) their natural texture.


Moxie Minis $5 each
These little babies are tiny giants, packing a concentrated punch for travel or sampling.  Purchase a la carte for $5 each or get one free when you buy three.  They can also be combined in various Gift Sets, ranging from $15 to $28.

Flairosol Spray Bottle $9
This year’s hottest hair accessory is the Flairosol Spray Bottle.  With 360° coverage, a fine, mist-like delivery, and continuous action, this is a must-have tool for Curlies and Wavies alike.

Versatowel™ $25
For the uninitiated, it’s hard to understand all the fuss around how to dry curly and wavy versatowel_allhair.  But trust us, it’s major.  How you dry your hair can be the difference between a good hair day and a bad hair day.  The Original Moxie Versatowel™ not only dries the hair in less time, it also significantly minimizes frizz and gives you stylish cover so that no one has to knows it’s Wash Day! It’s also Certified Fair Trade and made of Organic Cotton, making this the perfect gift for the eco-oriented curlies on your list.

Gift Sets $55 – $62
Our gift sets are curated to fit a wide range of hair types and styling needs.  Smartly packaged in a reusable tote, they make gift giving a breeze and save you 15% over the same products purchased individually. For the fine-haired wavy on your list, the Rise and Shine Gift Set ($55) is a complete styling set, and contains everything from an oil-free moisturizing treatment to a volumizing spray and mousse.  Curly girls will love the Lucky Curl Gift Set ($62), which contains our most popular primer, moisturizer, and defining product in one adorable package.  The Natural Wonder Gift Set ($62) is perfect for naturals with low-porosity, coarse or resistant hair types and contains our texture-friendly moisturizer, styling butter, flake-free styling gel, and sealer.

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